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Timing Your Commute

Do you time your commute? My latest Workshifting post is up, and it's about what happens when you actually have to leave your home office (or your favorite coffeehouse): The only problem with short commutes is not having one.   My commute is 10 feet. I get up,...

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Is Telework a Trend in Waiting?

A new study of workshifting in the United States reveals big growth in the last couple of years--but the percentage of Americans who telework remains very small. The State of Telework in the U.S. focuses specifically on people who work at home at least part time but...

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Can You Work Without a Net?

I've been pondering routines lately: why you need them and when to break free. In a recent Workshifting post, I explored the paradox of the flexible routine: Working from home (or anywhere else you choose) isn't about avoiding routine--it's about being able to set...

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Could You Work in an Office?

Could you work in an office? In my latest post for, I look at what it means to work on your own terms. And whether those of us who do so, whether as business owners or part of a corporate virtual team, could go back to the 9-to-5 routine of the...

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Mapping Your Community

If you have ever worked for or with a nonprofit, then at some point you have probably gone through a community mapping exercise. Have you done the same for your business? My latest blog post is out, and it's all mapping your community: We think about...

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Can You Keep a Secret?

Can you keep a secret, or are you indiscriminately telling all? Whether you're a full-time workshifter or you just take the occasional business call while watching your son's t-ball game or standing in line waiting for a latte, you need to be mindful of not sharing...

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