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3 Ways to Get Referrals

A colleague recently asked me how I get referrals. It's a good question, because referrals can be a terrific source of new business. Referrals happen both deliberately and organically. Deliberate referrals are all about staying top of mind and letting people know you...

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The Value of Velcro

Apparently I need more velcro. The three little words that have guided my business over the last 24 months are velcro, crayons, and abandon. I wrote at the start of this year: "Last year, I picked out 3 little words to guide my business. The whole point was to keep me...

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I Am Not an Athlete

I overheard a woman at the gym the other day telling her friends that she'd once run a marathon. While they were oohing and aahing over her accomplishment, she added some caveat that I didn't catch. Then she said, "I'm not an athlete." She might run the world's...

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