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Process and Procedures

I've been hearing a lot about process and procedures. NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell is assembling a binder full of women to look at his sports league's process and procedures. I guess his thinking is that if they had a different step-wise process then they would have...

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Who Runs Your Business?

Once upon a time, I found over $100,000 of fluff in my condo association's budget proposal. I wasn't a board member. I wasn't on the budget and finance committee. I was "just" a co-owner--and I was mad. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the budget until then, but I...

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Are You Inspiring Your Team?

Did you see what happened when Michael Vick came into the Eagles-Packers game in Week 1? The team got excited. Vick's past character issues aside, this is a talented guy who can lead a team. As soon as he came into the game, the Eagles perked up. They had energy and a...

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