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Social Media Productivity Hacks 6

I’m using the phrase “productivity hacks” because it sounds a lot sexier than saying “tools I found online to help me do my job a little better or a little easier.” And, yes, my best hacking days (such that they exist) are ahead of me. This edition is a little bit of...

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Social Media Case Study: #NatsRide

I sold my tickets to a must-win baseball playoff game because the regional transit authority in the capital city of the United States refused to keep the trains running to get fans home. The options, including leaving the game early or being stranded on the opposite...

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Welcome to the Dark Side

There are two seemingly diametrical trends taking place right now: dark social and live everywhere. This post looks at the first one. Dark sharing was a term coined to describe the shares we can't track -- e-mailing an article to a friend, texting a URL, DMing a video...

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My 79 New LinkedIn Connections

I received 79 new LinkedIn connections on Saturday. Before you congratulate me on my networking prowess-- Before you pity me for having nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than send out LinkedIn invites-- I had nothing to do with it. Rien. Nada. Zilch. Zippo....

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