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Are Women Risk Averse?

Doug Sundheim has written a business book about  risk. The book (which I have not read) has a number of stories--but only 18 percent feature women. To his credit, Sundheim was a little appalled when he realized this. More important, he was curious as to what happened....

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We all know about bandwidth--the bytes, space, and time needed to get something done. If bandwidth is about physical capacity, brainwidth is about mental space. You need to have both bandwidth and brainwidth. I recently had some family stuff going on that sucked up...

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Pulling Your Chain

When I was in graduate school, there was this guy who had a habit of putting his hands where they didn't belong. Many of my female classmates would make excuses for him, saying he was from [anywhere but here], and he just didn't understand personal space. Fast forward...

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The Fine Print

We talk a lot about "reading the fine print." The disclosures that scroll across the bottom of TV ads. Multi-page bank privacy statements. Multi-screen end-user agreements. All those documents you sign when you buy a house or refinance a mortgage--or start a new job....

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Tact and Bluntness

A colleague complimented me on my tact, saying I "have a wonderful way with words... poise and grace." Another likes my bluntness, saying that "real friends tell it straight, compliments AND criticisms." Tact and bluntness. My mom once said she was glad that I had...

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