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My 79 New LinkedIn Connections

I received 79 new LinkedIn connections on Saturday. Before you congratulate me on my networking prowess-- Before you pity me for having nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than send out LinkedIn invites-- I had nothing to do with it. Rien. Nada. Zilch. Zippo....

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Six for 2016

It's a new year (happy new year!), and I'm not going to start by talking about trends. Instead, I'm going to talk about goals and expectations. This isn't about deep thoughts -- or trite inspirational quotes. I'm not a maker of new year's resolutions. That said, a...

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What is an “Influencer”?

Let's clear something up: Influence is important. Badges, numbers, and algorithms are not. I deleted my Klout account because people's perceptions of my value shouldn't rise or fall depending on whether I'm talking to an "online rock star" with thousands of Twitter...

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3 Ways to Get Referrals

A colleague recently asked me how I get referrals. It's a good question, because referrals can be a terrific source of new business. Referrals happen both deliberately and organically. Deliberate referrals are all about staying top of mind and letting people know you...

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