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Knowing When To Fold (How an IABC Business Column Comes to an End)

Sometimes you have to know when to let go:

The best small business owners are constantly innovating—rethinking a product, redesigning our Web sites, tweaking our marketing approaches, testing productivity tools and technologies. It’s what we do.


But we’re really bad at stopping the things that are part of our routine but shouldn’t be anymore. Like advertising in the yellow pages. Or sending a telex rather than a tweet. These might have been useful or cutting-edge at one time, but now they’re just eating up your resources and/or your attention.


My latest IABC business column is out, and it’s all about knowing when it’s time to fold.

For the past year, I’ve been struggling to figure out what content should be “held” for the column versus what I’m writing about here (let alone anywhere else). It’s become a chore, one more thing to do, without seeing a compelling business purpose to put the time into it anymore. So I’m letting it go.

Read the column here. There’s also a nice “Top 7” editors’ picks list–their favorite Independent Thinking columns over the years.

What are you doing today in your business that you need to let go?

Photo by laffy4k (Flickr).

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