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How to Use a Cornerstone and Cobblestones Approach to Content

Content strategy is easy.

You’re probably reading this and thinking I’m crazy. But, really, creating a strategy for building content is the simple part. No, it’s not really “easy,” but deciding you need a blog (or a video series, a podcast, a Twitter feed, or some other type of content) isn’t the hard part. Creating and curating content is where the rubber hits the road.

It’s great when organizations come to me before they create a content strategy. That way I can help you build an effective approach that addresses goals and create content that will resonate with your audience. (In other words, no unnecessary Facebook pages just because “everyone’s on Facebook.” And no joining Instagram pods because someone read they’re a great way to build a following.)

Often, however, businesses contact me after they’ve started because they get stuck.

That’s where a cornerstone and cobblestones approach can help.

Here’s how to feed the content machine.

I recently put together a presentation on how to think about and organize content for your business. The discussion looks at the principle of cornerstone and cobblestones and walks through three examples of companies that are doing a good job using this content marketing approach.

Click here if the video doesn’t load.

As you listen to the presentation, think about:

  • how can you use a cobblestone and cornerstone approach?
  • what’s the big idea?
  • what’s the right way to present your big idea?
  • how many different ways can you repurpose, share, and disseminate your big idea?

This framework is just a first step. Because, as I said before, mapping your platforms and creating your daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly content is where the hard work begins. But using this approach should make that work a little easier.

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