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On Blog Action Day, Celebrate the “Power of We” in Your Business

You’re probably going to see a lot of inspiring blog posts today (and maybe read a few of them too). You see, it’s Blog Action Day, and the theme this year is The Power of We. But since I write a business blog, I’ve been thinking about how this theme applies to what we do all day.

It takes “the power of we” to run a business–even a solo enterprise.

We #1: Let me share a secret: I didn’t know anything about marketing when I started my business. (I didn’t think I knew about business either; but I had a solid ability to identify needs and convince people to engage my services to address them.) I bought marketing books, and sales books, and books about how to do direct mail and put together a good phone script. A friend, who was at the time working in affinity marketing, helped me write my first brochure –and it was really good, thanks to her smarts.

We #2: My parents aren’t only terrific writers, editors, and bounce-ideas-off-of valuable, they’re also a terrific source for referrals. My first joint venture came about because my mom connected me with someone she’d met in the course of her business activities.

We #3: My accountant. Because, really, do you want to spend your time figuring out the U.S. Tax Code (or any tax code for that matter)?

We #4: My informal advisory committee of friends with business savvy and the ability to be bluntly honest.

I could go on–but you get the picture.

It takes a community to run a business.

In my 20th business anniversary column, I talked about how a lot of people helped me get where I am today, including one friend who showed me how to lead great meetings and another who regularly connects me to potential business partners and clients. I also wrote about how you need to ask for help–and accept it. Even if you are a solopreneur, you aren’t getting anywhere by going it alone.

Who’s in your “Power of We” circle? Who are you celebrating today?

Photo by Rachel H. (Flickr). 

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