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The Value of Velcro

Apparently I need more velcro.

The three little words that have guided my business over the last 24 months are velcro, crayons, and abandon. I wrote at the start of this year:

“Last year, I picked out 3 little words to guide my business. The whole point was to keep me focused on moving forward, while giving myself permission to take risks again. And to have fun and be creative.”

The crayons came in handy in 2012. And I did okay with the risk taking too. I launched a new line of business, tackled some interesting projects, and re-immersed myself in the world of  labor, employee relations, and HR. And I’m sketching out some cool new projects for 2013.

But I also left some things undone:

  • I didn’t blogged here as much as I’d like. While I know “why,” the end result is I got out of practice. This blog is a priority, and I hope to get back to at least two posts a week moving forward.
  • Getting my e-newsletter out continued to be a challenge. My goal for 2013 is to set a more realistic goal for myself and provide quality content quarterly.
  • I only reviewed six business books in 2012 (down from twelve last year). I did read a couple more that I wouldn’t recommend and gave a quick “thumbs up” to Drive. But I have several more books sitting around half-read or unread. I need to finish these up and share some takeaways.

You have to own your actions–the ones you take and the ones you don’t.

What business successes are your celebrating? And what did you leave undone?

Photo by Ralph Unden (Flickr).

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