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Jumpstarting Your Workshifting Day

People seem to envy those of us who don’t work out of corporate offices because we get to set our hours and select our work settings. But what often gets lost is that we, too, have to have a routine. Otherwise, how would we ever get anything done?

My latest post for discusses four tips (including dealing with distractions and tackling tough tasks) for jumpstarting your day. Check it out, and add your two cents in the comments.

Bonus Reading: My review of Macrowikinomics is now up on the Entrepreneurs’ Organization blog. A quick excerpt:

Macrowikinomics is that rare business book that’s big, meaty, and worth pouring over. The authors point out that “small companies can have many of the same capabilities as large companies without the main liabilities—bureaucracy, legacy cultures, antiquated systems, and old ways of working… As more small firms exploit the Web for new resources, they can gain unprecedented access to global markets previously enjoyed by only the largest corporations.”


My bottom line: Macrowikinomics is a book about innovation and a must-read for entrepreneurs. The complete book review is here.

Photo by Charles Williams (Flickr).

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