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5 Myths About Workshifting

What is the biggest myth about workshifting? Here's the thing about myths. They exist because people buy into them or use them to justify their status quo. We want workshifting to be a trend, but is it? Check out my latest post for and then add your...

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The Rise of Co-Working Spaces

Do you co-work? My latest post for looks at the spike in formal co-working arrangements over the last two years. (Twitter is my co-working space.) The post asks two simple questions: Do you co-work? If so, where? Check it out here. Photo by d.h....

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What’s Your Favorite Airport?

As a child, I loved Paris-Charles de Gaulle for its space age bubble with the escalators going in all directions. It was avant garde with a touch of Star Trek before I knew about Star Trek. And it belonged to an era where there was still an illusion that air travel...

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Chasing Mobility

If you ever leave your office and still want to get work done, you know that finding mobility is an ongoing process. My new post looks at the sometimes elegant, sometimes awkward art of chasing mobility. Check it out and let me know: What are you...

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