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Give Yourself Permission to be Unproductive

You know those days when you’re hopelessly unproductive?

Endurance runners talk about hitting “the wall.” It’s slow, it’s painful, it’s really annoying — and it’s unproductive. Workers have a wall too, that moment when your brain can’t focus and your neurons are definitely not firing.

My latest Workshifting post is out, and it points out that:

Success [for workshifters] is based on results and not time chained to a desk. Whether you work for yourself or are part of a bigger team, there’s no one tracking your comings and goings. You either get stuff done or you don’t. So why do we so often feel compelled to be “at work” on some variation or other of 9-to-5, Monday through Friday?


Read the post here. There is also some great discussion in the comments (and feel free to add in your two cents).

Photo by Dichohecho (Flickr).

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