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Can You Keep a Secret?

Can you keep a secret, or are you indiscriminately telling all?

Whether you’re a full-time workshifter or you just take the occasional business call while watching your son’s t-ball game or standing in line waiting for a latte, you need to be mindful of not sharing your life with strangers. There’s been a lot of discussion about privacy in a personal context–but what about the business context?

From client strategy to personnel changes to office gossip, people all too often are sharing competitive intelligence without any regard as to whether you just might know who or what they’re talking about or can track it down with a few clicks of a mouse. Check out my latest post for things to think about the next time you’re working outside the office.

I also have a new post on BOLD Business, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s new blog. If you haven’t read Mitch Joel‘s Six Pixels of Separation but are thinking about it, here’s my book review.

Photo by Anna Gutermuth (Flickr).

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