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Technology Won’t Make Your Business More Social

In a 24/7, customer-centric world, you have to be present to be part of the conversation. Snooze, and you will lose.

A recent consumer poll found that 47 percent of customers value speed in responding to questions or complaints. Dig into the data and several more categories also involve harnessing technology for real-time responsiveness.

Poll Results on Customer Experience

It’s not about the technology.

Technology won’t make your business more social.

Technology is a tool, not an end in itself. We’ve seen a shift over time from data democratization to democratization of access. We’ve watched Web 3.0 enable your business and your community. But all the technology in the world doesn’t mean you’ll use it well.

It’s also not about size. Whether your business is big or small, you have to get the culture piece right.

It’s all about culture.

Gerry McGovern, a Web usability pro, has written a terrific new post about how the digital revolution is all about culture. He says, in part:

Digital transformation is cultural transformation first and foremost. Some time ago, I dealt with an organization that had just installed collaborative software. The problem was that the employees saw no benefit in collaborating. Surprise, surprise, collaboration didn’t happen. Collaboration, first and foremost, is a cultural thing, not a technological thing.

The post goes on to talk about the shift from hierarchies (i.e., org. chart thinking) to networks. Read it, because McGovern nails it. And this is important stuff.

Feature photo by Hey Paul (Flickr).

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