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Social Media Productivity Hacks 4

I’m using the phrase “productivity hacks” because it sounds a lot sexier than saying “tools I found online to help me do my job a little better or a little easier.” And, yes, my best hacking days (such that they exist) are ahead of me.

Here are three new tools I’ve been using lately:

Dasheroo dashboard

Dasheroo: Dasheroo is a customizable dashboard tool that lets you collect your social media statistics all in one place. I have it set up to show me key Google insights (i.e., analytics), plus some basic Twitter and MailChimp stats. You pick which platforms you want to connect and which insights you want on your dashboard. Dasheroo is particularly useful if you have company pages (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) or manage them for your clients.

Infographic -- Un-stock Photo Sources

Piktochart: Similar to Canva, Piktochart helps you create do-it-yourself graphics for social media visuals. It was also the most-mentioned tool within my Buffer community for creating infographics. It’s what I used to create this infographic. It’s not going to replace Canva as my go-to resource, but it’s always good to have options.

[bctt tweet=”Click to Tweet is a social media productivity hack that helps you create shareable content.”]

Click to Tweet: You may have noticed that I’ve been experimenting with tweetable content. This handy WordPress plug-in lets your readers share pre-designated quotes. It’s another form of shareable content, designed to give people more (simple) ways to share your great posts. Please click away.

Bonus Hack: A colleague in one of my Facebook groups (credit coming when I can remember who it was) pointed me to Graphic River. It’s not a tool per se, but it’s super useful nonetheless. Graphic River is a site that offers a library of PowerPoint templates (and more). Most of the presentation templates are under $30 for one-time use. So go ahead, break out of the Microsoft box and use a custom template for your next presentation.

What productivity hacks are you using?

PS: This is the fourth in an occasional series. You can check out the previous posts here, here, and here.

Feature photo by Antonio Pardo (Flickr).

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