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Social Media Productivity Hacks

I’m using the phrase “productivity hacks” because it sounds a lot sexier than saying “tools I found online to help me do my job a little better or a little easier.” And, yes, my best hacking days (such that they exist) are ahead of me.

Here are three tools I’ve discovered recently:

Sharing Bookmarklet: A LinkedIn extension that lets you share articles and posts you find on the Web directly to LinkedIn. This is a terrific way to see something and immediately share the information with your full network, to a LinkedIn group, or directly with one or more connections.

Buffer: The Buffer extension makes it easy to schedule updates across your various social media channels. The tool includes the ability to highlight and share a snippet of text in a Web page or a photo (while automatically picking up the link to share). I’ve just started using Buffer. The more I see, the more I like.

TagboardTagboard lets you track hashtags across multiple platforms. I’ve played with the free version, and love that it pulls Instagram images (since, for example, I can’t see those inline when tracking a hashtag in Twitter). The paid version includes analytic bells and whistles.

What productivity hacks are you using? 

Photo by Ian Sane (Flickr).

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