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You’re Always Auditioning

I stopped into an Irish Pub the other day for a quick pint of Guinness. A guy sidled up to the bar and ordered “two PBRs and a Coors Light.”

This post is about impressions–and your brand.

  • Are you wearing flip flops at work?
  • Do I have to call you more than once because your phone line is busy?
  • Do you have voice mail or an answering machine?
  • Is your business card printed on the cheap?
  • Is your Web site in Flash?
  • Are you obsessed with Guinness?

This isn’t about right and wrong. But it is about how you’re perceived and who’s doing the calculations. If I get a busy signal, chances are I’ll call someone else. If I see flip flops on Day 1 of a conference, I’m less likely to take you seriously. Someone else might be turned off by my taste in beer, footwear, blogs, or baseball teams.

What matters is that you understand the image you (and your business) are projecting. Because you’re always auditioning.

Photo by J. Mussuto (Flickr).

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