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Your Attitude Can Make or Break You

Do you lead with your attitude?

Trick question actually. We all lead with our attitudes. It’s just what attitude you’re showing that counts. And you can learn a lot by how people act when they don’t know you.

There are 5-10 “regulars” who strength train at my gym around the same time every day. We tend to say hi or at least nod as we navigate weight benches and barbells.

Except that guy.

I don’t think he’s acknowledged me once. Or anyone else, so it’s not an anti-girl thing. I think I could collapse in front of him and he’d just walk around me.

The thing is, I could be his next customer. Or his patient if he’s a doctor. Or have connections at the company he really wants to work for next. But he’s blown his chance by conveying that I’m irrelevant. Guess what, that guy? No one’s going to help you if you treat us this way.

Business is about people, and your attitude can make or break you. Make sure you know which signals you’re emitting.

Photo by Joccay (Flickr).

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