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Why I Don’t Watch Videoblogs

Have you ever wished you could skim through a video post?

I have a secret. I don’t like watching videos. Send me a link to a 5,000-word article and I’ll dive in. But send me a video link and odds are high I’ll click it off in a few seconds.

There are some notable exceptions. Videocasts that break out the discussion into timed segments are okay, because I can move to exactly what I’m most interested in. Chris Brogan‘s force of personality occasionally lures me to watch him–but only when the video posts are short. And Ike Pigott has a wonderful series of 12-second videos that speak to the audience and give you that hmm moment that spurs further discussion.

For the most part, however, I’ll stick to print. Written posts put me in charge–of my time, and how I consume the information.

What about you? I’d love to hear why you do–or don’t–like videoblogging.

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