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Why DC Gov’s Hazmat Disposal Team Rocks Customer Service

I [heart] the DC government’s hazardous waste disposal operation. And not just because I cleaned out all the oil-based paint, lighter fuel, and other flammable and noxious materials from my condo.

It’s because they get customer service:

  • The facility gate is staffed by smiling, friendly, and helpful staff who direct your car to one of three areas.
  • There are three areas–hazmat disposal, electronics disposal, and document shredding.
  • The staff helps you unload your vehicle. Not only is this very nice, it makes the operation really efficient.

So you’re probably still wondering why I’m writing about this particular consumer service experience.

If most of us chase customers away with poor service, we lose business to a competitor. But if the DC Government chases away residents, then we’re going to dump our hazardous waste into dumpsters–creating risks for sanitation workers and firefighters, and to our food supply and water table.

It’s always good to exceed expectations. But sometimes it ¬†makes a difference in more ways than one.

Photo by Mei Burgin (Flickr).

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