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When the Twitterverse Strikes Back


The day after the Boston bombings, PBS NewsHour held a terrific conversation (transcript here) around the role of social media in spreading news and connecting people. While the host kept trying to talk about misinformation, the two guests pointed out that most people were trying to verify information before posting and tweeting–or sharing and retweeting.

Or, as Howard Kurtz put it:

“Twitter spanked the news organizations that went off the rails.”




If the New York Post got a spanking, CNN got a flogging–and it was well deserved.

The social-verse is growing up.

It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of citizen journalism in the digital age. This week, it appears to have taken another leap forward. Not because we’re calling out news organizations, but because we’re collectively more aware than ever of how these platforms amplify everything.

What’s your takeaway from the media and social media coverage?

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