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When Not to Up-sell

I’m a business owner, so I get the idea of upselling products and services. But you have to know when to do it, and when doing so will drive business away.

Case in point: the Exxon station down the street from me. I swiped my credit card as usual, filled up the tank, and hit the “Yes, I want a receipt” button. Then I got a very annoying “See clerk for receipt” notice. Once inside, I had to wait until the clerk finished selling lottery tickets to another customer. To sum up:

  1. I had to pull out my purse, lock up the car, and go inside.
  2. I had to wait in line just to get someone to print out my receipt.
  3. The clerk didn’t use the opportunity of my standing inside his store to either apologize for the wait or to thank me for purchasing gas at his station.

Next time I need gas, I’m going to the Amoco station across the street even if it means a left turn across traffic. They let me get in and out without leaving the pump area. Plus, when they’re not busy, they offer to squeegee the windows or put air in my tires–free of charge.

Which business would you recommend?

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