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What’s Your Entrepreneurial DNA?

Clones might be perfect, but people are intriguing. We’re intriguing because we’re not all the same. We don’t look alike. We don’t act in unison. And we have different strengths—and weaknesses.

There also isn’t “one” entrepreneur. And, in Entrepreneurial DNA, Joe Abraham posits that the person who is suited to try and build the next Google isn’t the same person who should be opening a consultancy.

Abraham identifies four types of entrepreneurs and provides an assessment tool to help you identify your entrepreneurial DNA profile (mine is Specialist-Builder). Much of the book is then devoted to a description of each DNA type followed by seven business optimization strategies for each. They’re all things you might want to consider doing based on your business strengths and weaknesses. There are also exercises for putting what you’ve learned into action.

Read about the four entrepreneurial DNAs and my complete book review here.

Photo by John Goode (Flickr).

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