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What Customers Want

What customers want is to be recognized. Valued. Our pain points understood.

We want the companies we do business with to choose us too. To see us. Me. You. The people behind the demographics and revenue streams.

Customers rarely pick a brand “just because.” Far more often it’s something.

Maybe you think you have a “just because” brand.

Cereal vs. Cheerios. Tissues vs. Kleenex. Gas stations vs. your gas station.

Don’t be a “just because” brand.

Understand your customer’s “something.”

Case in point: When my mobile phone contract ended last week, I went comparison shopping among the major brands. One was cheapest. One had cheaper data plans. Another had the best multiline plan. I ended up renewing with my existing carrier, which was none-of-the-above, because twice in the last 10 months they were flexible enough to modify my plan to meet my needs at that time. Oh, and in the process reduced my monthly bill.

Another case in point: Until recently, I had separate contracts for Internet, TV, and landline. Again, I opted to bundle services with the one company of the three that had been flexible in tweaking the plan I had versus telling me I had to buy more services to get more service.

Want a third example? My primary care doctor doesn’t take my health insurance. I pay out of pocket not just because he’s good but because I know he’ll pick up the phone and return my call.

Sometimes what customers want is best price. Sometimes it’s convenience. Sometimes it’s service. Sometimes customers want you to want them.

I dare you to find a customer that values anything you say or do “just because.” I dare you to be content if that happens.

Do you know what your “something” is? Is it what your customers want?

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography (Flickr).

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