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We’re All Online, But Where Are Your Customers?

A recent Pew Research Center survey queried Americans who use the Internet about their social media use. The survey specifically asked whether respondents “use the Internet to use a social networking site like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus?”

The answer? Well, duh.

Everyone is online—older, younger, richer, poorer, urban, suburban, rural.


Breakdown of Social Networking Site Users











The survey specifically asked about one platform: Twitter.

While the percentage of people who use Twitter is still relatively low (compared to Facebook), it is slowly growing. But what’s significant about the data is that Hispanic and Black survey respondents reported using Twitter at twice the rate of White respondents. And I suspect the “urbanity” results correlate to the race/ethnicity breakdown.

Forget my digital strategy. Where are your customers?

I love Twitter, and it’s a useful, relevant platform for my business. But I tell organizations every day that it may or may not make sense for them to hang out there. Social media platforms are tools we use to share our lives and talk to each other—but you still have to know where each person wants to have that conversation.

As social becomes embedded in our lives, it’s clear that businesses (and the marketers who market them) ignore the digital world at their peril. At the same time, it’s becoming less and less useful to know who uses social and who doesn’t and more important to understand where your customers are online.

Where are your customers/clients and prospects hanging out?

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