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Verizon Wireless: Playing a Game


I was all set to write about the excellent tech support I’ve received from Verizon Wireless when the company went and did something colossally stupid. And it just begs to be called out.

Someone from Verizon Wireless called me to ask about my experience with “the last customer service” representative I talked with on August 6. The last one was good, but the first one hung up on me. I pointed out that rating the second one but not also the first wasn’t particularly helpful. Apparently, they don’t want to hear about my bad customer service experience.

Verizon Wireless is clearly trying to get its customer service approval numbers up. I just read that the State of Maryland is looking at customer service complaints as one factor in whether to approve telecomm rate hikes. Coincidence?

The real question is why is a company would aggravate long-time customers by reminding them of what went wrong if it’s not interested in our feedback–much less in apologizing.

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