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Three Little Words

I’m taking a page from Chris Brogan this year. He annually identifies “three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come.”

My three words for 2010: incubate, endorphins, and endurance. I’m going to use them, hopefully wisely, to guide my business.

1. Incubate—While I’m not particularly rash, I am prone to scattering my efforts and trailing off in new directions. This year, I’m resolving to let my ideas take form before I take action. After all, there’s not much sense in digging in before you’re ready.

2. Endorphins—I’ve described being a solopreneur as needing to be innovative, to know how to identify and seize opportunities, to be a risk taker, and—of course–to be independent. For me, this works best when I’m forward-focused. Endorphins give you a natural high, and I’m resolving to keep them flowing to keep me on track.

3. Endurance—Owning a successful business requires being committed for the long haul and accepting that it requires hard work every day. Now that I’ve hit 20 years, I’m targeting 25. I have a mantra when I’m running any significant distance. It’s forward motion, and it’s all about understanding that if you keep going, one step at a time, you’ll find your success.

What are your guiding principles for 2010?

Photo by Son of Groucho (Flickr).

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