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The Two Most Dangerous Words in Business

Are you sabotaging your success?

Sometimes the biggest barriers in business are the ones we create for ourselves. For example:

  • It’s just a business plan.
  • It’s just a blog post.
  • It’s just a speech.
  • It’s just a conference.
  • It’s just a tweet up.
  • It’s just a vendor.

Here’s the thing about “It’s Just”: When I was marathon training, our short distance runs, the ones sandwiched between the 18 and 20 and 22 milers, were “just 8 miles.” But we still had to run them. And they sucked, because our expectations were awry.

If you think it’s just a routine task, or just another meeting, are you really giving it your best? And what’s the impact on your business, your customers or clients, and your brand?

Photo by takomabiblot (Flickr).

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