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The Smallest Stuff Is Your Brand Too

Sometimes it’s the little things that represent your brand the best.

Like these prescription bottles from Target. Notice the brand colors and the red rubber rim collars that evoke the company’s logo. The little bottle with the whimsical triangular design.

Don’t they just scream Target?

I have thought about prescription bottles before. Most of them are really ugly, and an eyesore if you have them sitting on a nightstand. (Especially if you’re like me, and you prefer cute stuff to institutional design.) But I hadn’t thought about how to redesign them. Target did. They’ve also redesigned other everyday items, including kitchen spoons, tea kettles, and surge protectors.

The smallest stuff is your brand too. It might be way you pick up the phone, the signature line in your e-mail, or the packaging of your products. How does your business represent your business?

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