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The Secret to Regular Blog Posting

If you know the secret sauce, please let me know.

A lot of people have strategies to facilitate regular blog posts. In fact, I’m doing several things right:

  • Don’t strive for perfection. There are very few killer blog posts, and waiting until every element is perfectly formed and each post brilliantly crafted likely means you’ll never post. I aim for good writing and a cohesive idea.
  • Capture ideas. Too many people say they don’t know what to write about. This isn’t typically my problem. I’m constantly looking around at what might inspire me, whether it’s a snippet of conversation or something I read or heard. Even something random I saw driving down the street might jog  loose an idea. And I write down ideas for this blog and everywhere–in Evernote, on pieces of paper, on my white board.
  • Set aside time to write. I often draft blog posts on Sunday morning. (In fact, this post was written on my roof deck the other day.)  It’s quiet time for me that I’ve set aside to write.

So what’s the problem?

My biggest barrier is when my Sunday morning gets hijacked by something else — a pressing deadline or just weekend activities. While I sometimes draft a post or two during the week, I often find it hard to quiet my mind from everything else going on in my work life.

That’s my barrier, and I’m still seeking solutions. Any ideas? And what’s your biggest barrier to regular blog posts, and how have you tackled it?

Photo by Dunleavy Family (Flickr).

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