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The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social

Social media for business is a big topic of conversation these days. And there’s no question that companies that are able to pivot their operations to respond to both challenges and opportunities in real-time are ahead of the game. But how do you get there?

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, co-authors of The NOW Revolution,* have written a book that answers this question. In it, they talk about organizational structures and employee skill sets as well as how to listen, respond, and measure your results.

This isn’t easy stuff, but it is essential. The authors note that “passion is the gasoline of social media and the Now Revolution, and you can’t fake passion over the long haul.” In other words, you have to walk the walk and do the work.

The book walks through seven key shifts that businesses need to make:

1. Building a corporate culture that strips away silos, is inclusive, and has the right mindset for the Now Revolution. (There’s even a “Culture Quiz” to help you assess your own company’s culture.)

2. Hiring people you trust. (The authors recommend that companies “Hire for culture. Train for skills.”)

3. Restructuring to address the reality that social media happens across an organization. (In addition to looking at the types of positions companies need to have in place, the authors also talk about social media guidelines and training.)

4. Putting in place a listening program. (The authors point out that “listening in social media is like answering phone calls, just in a new medium.”)

5. Responding effectively, including strategies for engaging effectively with your customers and other key audiences. There’s even a section on how companies can use this engagement to leverage what the authors call “the opportunity economy.”

6. Engaging in real-time crisis management.

7. Measuring what’s working and what’s not.

The NOW Revolution might not be the definitive, only-way-to-do-it guide, but it is a terrific book for entrepreneurs and other business owners seeking to infuse a social component across their business landscape. And it’s sprinkled with tools to help you get started and case studies that show it can be done. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a multinational corporation, this is a business book that offers actionable information.

Want to win a free, signed copy of The NOW Revolution?

The authors have graciously provided me with a copy of The NOW Revolution to give away to one lucky reader. To enter to win, leave a comment either below or over at Overdrive about what your company is doing today to make your business more social. Let’s share some best practices! The best answer (as judged by me) wins a copy of The NOW Revolution.

*Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for agreeing to review it, but without any restrictions on what I might say.

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