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Solopreneur Job Satisfaction


I’m often asked at networking events about the size of my consultancy. My business model has never been to expand and acquire employees. I like the freedom and independence that comes with being a solopreneur and partnering with really smart marketing communications colleagues.

John Tozzi captures this sentiment well in his recent “Why Stay Small” post on Business Week’s New Entrepreneur blog. He quotes Matt at 37 Signals profile of a NY pizzaria owner:

DeMarco doesn’t care about experts, franchising, or expansion because he doesn’t have to. That’s what you can do when you run your own small business. You can stay small. You can create your own thing and keep it the way you want it.


Tozzi then notes that “we tend to use sales, profit, and growth to measure business success, which ignores the ‘soft’ factors like satisfaction.”

Read his full post here.

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