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Why Value-based Selling Is Your Winning Strategy

Pricing–products, services, consulting rates–can be challenging for many businesses. Price too high and you risk losing business you want to win. Discount too often or too much, and people think your product is cheap or you’re for sale.

You need to sell value, not price.

My friend Greg Brooks explains it this way:

What you charge per hour isn’t nearly as important as the type of problems you’re solving for a client. If your value proposition is that you’ll write some press releases and do some social media, don’t be surprised when you can’t charge as much. On the other hand, if your value proposition is that you’re a key business adviser helping your clients solve six-, seven-, or even eight-digit problems? Well… you can charge a lot for that.


What problems are you solving for your customers and/or clients?

Photo by woodley wonderworks (Flickr).

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