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Second Look: Parachutes, Billboards, and Opera

Each week I’m highlighting 3 or 4 posts, surveys, and other news that I have read and/or tweeted about that you may not have seen. As the name implies, I think they deserve a second look.

Here’s your second look for this week:

1. Who Packs Your Parachute? All Things Workplace’s Steve Roesler uses a simple anecdote to make a big point about valuing everyone who helps you succeed each day.

2. Crowdsourcing Opera. Story about London’s Royal Opera House, which is crowdsourcing a new opera via tweets. Creative use of social media to expand your audience. Plus, opera plots are so silly this might just be an improvement.

3. Billboards Rule. Drew McLellan’s post about a brilliant billboard campaign in 1989 Buffalo is must-read storytelling.

Photo by U.S. Army (Flickr).

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