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Second Look: Hospitals, Blind Spots, and Spell Checkers

Each week I’m highlighting 3 or 4 posts, surveys, and other news that I have read and/or tweeted about that you may not have seen. As the name implies, I think they deserve a second look.

Here’s your second look for this week:

1. Step 2: Fix the Problem: The Joint Commission, which assesses hospitals on their success in meeting patient safety standards, has decided to help solve the problems it identifies. As the Wall Street Journal health blog points out, the Joint Commission decided to launch its new Center for Transforming Healthcare after hearing hospital executives say, “You need to stop telling us only about the problems and start telling us how to fix them.”

2. Leadership Blind Spots: Good article from Business Week about recognizing three key leadership blind spots–going it alone, situational cluelessness, and silence.

3. Spellcheck Your Blog: From Download Squad, an announcement that WordPress has acquired a new, much improved spellchecker. Self-hosted blogs can download it as a plug-in.

Photo by Daniel X O’Neil (Flickr).

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