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Pricing for Profit, Rock Stars, Big Data, and Epic Content

Are you pricing for profit?

If you have trouble setting the right prices for your products or services, Peter Hill can help. Hill has written Pricing for Profit: How to Develop a Powerful Pricing Strategy for Your Business. In it, he argues that “most businesses are already worth more than they have the courage to charge.” He suggests that too often we don’t raise prices out of fear—of the unknown, of confrontation, and/or of rejection.

Pricing for Profit (you can read my review over at Solo PR Pro) is one of the dozen business books I read in 2013. I learned the elements of a great TED talk, discussed why big data is too big to ignore, and pondered the impact of locations, sensors, and other technological forces on how we interact with the world and how companies interact with us.

Here’s a wrap up of the books I reviewed in 2013:

As for 2014? I have several books in the queue, including YouTube Marketing Power and The Fifth Age of Work. Stay tuned.

What books are on your 2014 reading list?


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