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NETGEAR’s Winning Approach

This post is for anyone who has spent time trying to troubleshoot a router or modem connection. It’s about the only situation where I covet those with tech support on speed dial.

Turns out I bought that without even knowing it, thanks to a great recommendation from someone at my local Best Buy store where I went looking for a replacement for an aging wireless router.

So a quick customer service shout out to NETGEAR. In a crowded field, this company stands out by providing free support to new customers. I hooked up my new wireless router, followed the software set-up steps, and then hit the predictable roadblock. One five minute call with a helpful tech guy, and I was back in business.

NETGEAR understood that I wanted a solution, not just a piece of hardware. And they provided it, earning an evangelist in the process.

How is your business earning loyalty?

Photo by Chris Potter (Flickr).

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