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Men Are Not from Venus

This isn’t going to be a post about dating, relationships, or Valentine’s Day. But when was the last time you heard a guy say he was looking forward to “getting to the communication”?

That’s a key line from an advertisement by online dating service eHarmony that has been running on ESPN News. Apparently eHarmony just held a “free communication weekend,” presumably in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The ad caught my attention because it seemed so out of place on a sports network. (That and the guy uttering a phrase that no real person would actually use.) So here’s the bigger question: who is the target audience? If I’m watching a sporting event, I’m not likely to turn it off and log on to fill out a “29 dimensions of compatibility” questionnaire.

Why do you think eHarmony is advertising on ESPN? Smart move or waste of money?

Photo by soapylovdeb (Flickr).

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