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Cadillac Stupidity


Today’s Stupidity Award goes to Jim Coleman Cadillac, which is trying to lure Toyota Prius owners into trading in their energy-efficient hybrids for new cars that average 15-20 mpg. The supposed hook? “$1,000 over Kelley Blue Book fair value.”

Anyone who thinks that Prius and Cadillac buyers are interchangeable is clearly delusional. And doesn’t have even a passing acquaintance with market research. Of course, this is the same outfit whose repair shop “lost” my front license plate a couple of years back.

But, take heart Coleman Cadillac, your letter wasn’t a complete waste of money. Thanks for reminding me that my 2001 Prius is a hot commodity. I’ll keep it in mind if and when I decide to trade it in–for another hybrid.

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