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Is There a Techie on Your Team?

From a business point of view, I never feel as helpless as when something goes wrong with my Web site. I am fine with DOS, but SQL and PHP just stump me. Maybe it’s because I’ve yet to find a For Dummies book that walks me through how to do this stuff.

And, yes, things do go wrong. On February 26, to be precise.

I was doing a routine WordPress version update install when I got a fatal error message. The net result was that most of the functionality in my WordPress admin area was gone. Really not good.

Monday morning, I put out feelers for a good techie/Web designer. (It was overdue anyway, because I have several design upgrades on my “To Do” list, and I let everyone know that I was looking for someone who could do more than just solve the install glitch.) ¬†Hilary Brooks earned the business because:

  • She was responsive. (This may be a “duh” factor, but it’s worth noting that we’re all more likely to work with the person who picks up the phone–or, in this case, e-mails back–the fastest.)
  • She recognized my immediate need (reinstalling WordPress manually).
  • She gave me a quote.
  • She told me what information she needed (log in info, etc.) to get started.

It’s probably no surprise that I value working with people who understand the business side of running a business. Brooks does, which is why she’s now the go-to techie on my team.

What vibe is your business sending out?

Photo by Aofie City WomanChile (Flickr).

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