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Insomnia, the Apprentice:UK, and the Mind of an Entrepreneur


Insomnia can make you a little crazy. If you’re prone to it, then you know that there’s nothing quite like flipping channels at 2:45 a.m. and discovering that your best options may be a slasher movie or the 20th iteration of LockUp Raw.

So I thought I’d found nirvana when I happened upon a 2005 episode of The Apprentice:UK. British entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar was grilling the hapless four remaining contestants. He was particularly puzzled by one guy, who claimed to be a rather successful real estate entrepreneur but was ready to put it all on hold to be The Apprentice. After all, most entrepreneurs will do almost anything to avoid going back to work for someone else.

That’s when it happened: the guy said he was different. Sir Alan agreed–and fired him. Seemed a “duh” moment to me.

What do you think? Can you truly be an entrepreneur if you’re fine dropping everything to go to work for someone else?

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