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How to Set Up Your Business to Maximize Brand and Bottom Line

Is your business structured the right way?

There are legal, tax, and liability implications to how your business is structured. Not just the legal structure (e.g., LLC or corporation), but also whether you have an operating agreement and how it’s written. And what about equity (both for founders and key employees)?

My latest column for IABC’s CW Bulletin is out, and it’s all about how to set up your business the smart way. Some sample fare:

Legal, tax and liability implications aside, adopting a formal structure has a business value… It’s a lot easier to make the case for yourself as a business professional if you’re set up to be one. In this era where putting up a Web site and printing out business cards is cheap and easy, it is more important than ever that your business signals that it’s around for the long haul.


Read the complete article here.

Bonus reading: Fred Wilson has a good piece about employee equity and vesting over at A VC.

Photo by bucklava (Flickr).

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