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How the Hyatt Regency Wowed Me

What’s the most annoying thing about many mid-range and higher-end hotels?

Charges for Internet.

If you’re like me, the idea of being nickeled and dimed over something as basic as going online makes you crazy. Especially when the “cheaper” brands are factoring the cost into their room rate calculations.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta wowed me yesterday when I checked in. They told me that the log-on fees would be waived for my stay.

Then, when I got up to my room, there was a text message on my phone from the hotel thanking me for choosing Hyatt and wishing me a great stay in Atlanta.

Now if they could just do something about getting rid of the old, clunky TV in my room…

It doesn’t always take the big gesture to make your audience happy. Sometimes it just takes doing the small things right.

What are you doing to wow your clients or customers?

Photo by Cameron Cassan (Flickr).

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