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How Being Off Kilter Can Elevate Your Brand

Often, it’s the unsung employee that can make or break your brand. Especially on days when everything is just a little off kilter.

I popped into my neighborhood Staples recently at the end of a very long day to get something printed out. Standing by the copy counter waiting, I observed three customer interactions:

  • A man staring at the cheap plastic bowl holding a ballpoint pen collection asks where he can buy the bowl. He’s on his way to a networking event, and he needs something to hold company giveaway pens. The copy guy tells him to just take it, adding that “if anyone asks, I’ll tell them someone stole it and I was too lazy to run after them.”
  • A woman walks in with her dog and says, “Dogs are allowed, right?” “They are now,” replies the copy guy.
  • A customer asks to talk to the manager. The copy guy pages him: “Customer connection at the copy center.” I observe that it sounds like they’re auditioning for the dating game.

It’s been a week, and I’m still smiling (and telling people) about my wacky customer experience in that one store.

What customer interactions are you creating?

Photo by Migraine Chick (Flickr).

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