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Have You TweetPsych-ed Yourself Lately?

Want a good laugh? Run your TweetPsych profile.


“creates a psychological profile … and compares it to the thousands already in the database. This identifies those traits that are used more or less frequently by the user analyzed.”


My TweetPsych says that, compared to the “average user”:

  • I tweet about the future 56 percent more
  • I tweet positive sentiments 53 percent more
  • I tweet about thinking 48 percent more
  • I tweet about anxiety 39 percent more (apparently when I’m not tweeting positive thoughts)
  • I tweet about numbers 37 percent more
  • I tweet about constructive behavior 34 percent more

There’s more of course. I also apparently tweet a lot less about the past, work, learning, the media, and physical sensations than the average user. My tweets also contain about 34 percent less “primordial” content, which is defined as “lower-level dream-state and unconscious modes of thought. Some researchers refer to this as reptilian thought.” Whew.

TweetPsych is the brainchild of Dan Zarrella, so I’m sure there’s an analytic report and a book about the psychology of tweets in our future. Given how hilarious my “profile” is, however, I’m not sure what value any of this might have.

What do you think: Valuable tool or just a good laugh? Have your run your TweetPsych profile?

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