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Goodbye Reader, Hello Feedly

Apparently no one uses Google Reader.

No one, except me (and a whole bunch of other people too). As a voracious consumer of online content (I subscribe to over 100 blogs), nothing beats the opportunity to aggregate it all, on demand, in one place.

You might have heard that Google is shuttering its RSS aggregator on July 1. The collective angst on Google +, Twitter, and Facebook lasted maybe 10 minutes.

The cool thing about a groundswell, even a groundswell of hand-wringing, is that it’s really about what comes next. In this case, Feedly.

Feedly is Google Reader after a makeover.

Feedly offers both a traditional “print style” view and more visual ways to arrange, sort, and read posts. Right now, you can pull in your feeds directly from Reader–folders and tags intact. The company has also beefed up capacity to handle the increase in traffic and posted information for new users coming from Google. They’re also working on a way to import everyone’s RSS feeds permanently when Reader shuts down.

If you read this blog and others via RSS instead of e-mail, you might want to give Feedly a try.

How do you read blogs? On the site, via e-mail, or via RSS?

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