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Fresh Voices, Outside Perspective (aka: What Every Business Can Use)

It’s never a good idea to get too caught up in our great ideas, inventions, and innovations. Ask Tropicana, the most recent brand to get wrapped up in its righteousness without stopping to take the pulse of its community.

Businesses need fresh voices and outside perspectives. And not just from outside, but from the inside out. Including the membership of their boards.

As I talked about here, there are some really good reasons why solopreneurs and small business owners should consider serving on boards. But there’s also a reason why corporate boards should be looking at entrepreneurs and small business people. We’ve typically done it all, from strategic direction to sales to marketing to finance and so on.

I’ve always wanted to serve on a corporate board. But how to get noticed? I haven’t cracked that code yet, but here’s a great post on the Washington Post Leadership Blog that talks about financial fluency and other skills you need to bring to the table.

Any suggestions?

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