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Everywhere Is Not a Strategy

I once heard a guy with a software product he was trying to sell tell a gathering of entrepreneurs that his audience was “anyone who has a computer.” Huh?

Everyone is not a strategy. It’s a bad business idea in desperate need of a plan.

Everywhere isn’t a strategy either. Ask a successful global company, and their everywhere is segmented, targeted, planned out–and not really everywhere. Ask savvy small business owners, and they can define their audience, their market, their strategy.

Last week’s #profschat conversation was around Facebook pages and marketing. I noted that my small business doesn’t have a Facebook page:

I can set one up, but need a raison d’etre for doing so first. (Waiting for the right reason.)



Jason Gertzen then replied:

Good point. Meet customers/audience where they are. No need to be on Facebook just to say you have a page.


And added:

Wish more would take your smart approach. First, plan your strategy. Then, pursue your social outreach where it makes sense.


Is your business everywhere, or just everywhere you need to be today?

Photo by Hillary Boles (Flickr).

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