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Don’t Be Distracted By Shiny Objects

You have my permission to play with shiny objects.

The hottest “it” platform (e.g., Pinterest). The newest options (e.g., Google+ Communities). And, yes, the toys (e.g., social badges). Each might have its place in your social strategy–but they shouldn’t be the anchors.

Don’t be seduced by the bling.

I’ve talked about how social is no longer a destination, how social is in our DNA, and the ubiquity of Facebook. But if you’ve put all your effort into Facebook marketing, the constant shifts in the platform’s ranking algorithm and Facebook’s focus on sponsored posts mean your content is likely showing up less and less in your customers’ feeds. (Unless, of course, you’re paying Facebook a lot of money.)

The best social hubs are the ones you own. Somewhere where you can control the format, the function, the content, and the data. Yes, I’m talking about your Web site.

Company Websites are Crucial to Pre-Purchase ResearchYou may think the Web site is so last century, but it’s still the first place that a lot of social customers go for information about you. Not Twitter. Not Facebook. Not blogs. And the Social Habit data doesn’t even include people who don’t use social media.

Social business is about helping organizations leverage the right tools, not the ones that generate the biggest buzz. To help employees more effectively connect with customers and with each other. Customers are coming to your Web site, so make it easy for them to connect with you from there.

This post first appeared on Social Biz Smarts.

Photo by codepo8 (Flickr). 

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